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Performances for events


“ Performances designed to fit the size of your event”

Delivering tailored or ready-to-book performances for all occasions, blending circus skills, drama, puppets, magic and interactive experiences for both kids and Adults. 


Madam Sally

A fortune teller owl grabs oracle cards with her mouth and reads the audience future in a quirky way. Mr Antoin dialogues with the Puppet and gets involved with the crowd promoting interaction and good laughs.

Duration:  1h approx.
Info: Roving Performance
Includes: Oracle card gift


Ezme The Palm Reader

"Ezme, entrances party-goers with her beauty and skill, juggling knives before settling in for an hour of legit palm readings. With each touch, she unveils the hidden stories within, guiding guests on a journey of self-discovery amidst the thrill of danger. By the end, her audience is left spellbound, carrying with them newfound insights and a deeper connection to the mysteries of fate.

Duration: 1h Approx

Aurora Fire Show

A Viking warrior walks in, she creates controlled explosions, juggles fire knives,fire ropes and other props, this performance will blow your mind!

3x 10 min Performances
or 1x30 min approx 
( High ceiling or open area required).

Nina and Zeus

NiNa and Zeus is a meaningful story about a girl that was feeling alone and a swan that wanted to be a dove.
The story 
subliminally teaches about loving who you are and finding ways to do what you love even if it seems impossible.

1 Hour Duration
20 min Puppet show + 40 min puppet makin
g workshop.


Cabaret Magic Change

Using magic tricks she changes clothes five times in front of the audients.
This performance pays tribute to all the most famous cabarets from the past.
The performance includes: Juggling, magic, drama and music. The performance can be adapted to fit cabarets and  drama plays.


Duration: 20 minutes
Info: Stage Performance + participative valse.


Bubble Fairy Workshop

The workshop where magic meets bubbles! 

Witness the spectacle as she creates and plays with the bubbles before starting the workshop. Making bubbles is  a guaranteed fun activity to any age group, ideal for birthday parties, weddings or any event!

The Elf Messenger

Imagine a magical forest being walking around your party handling real leaves with a special message written on it, like oracle cards but from the forests, also hand picked crystals which you are able to take home with you.

Suits 50 people (Please get in touch prior booking  if crowd exceeds 50).

Info: 30 minutes roving act Includes: Oracle leaves..


The Led Juggler Danseuse

She can juggle LED clubs and balls while dancing in a futuristic, vintage, or custom outfit of your choice (except lingeries).

This roving act lasts approximately one hour and can be performed on stage or throughout your event.

Sip and Paint With Mister Bunny

This fun art experience is here to induce self expression. While enjoying a cup of colour changing butterfly tea you will develop some art skills by letting your creativity guide you.
It's an experience for any age group a perfect fit for Hens or birthday parties.

Duration: 2 Hours
Includes Tea Trolley, Tea Pots, (20) see through mugs.
Art work gift+Tea.

Ziggy & Zumba Circus Show

This is a participative circus show including games, puppets, juggling, clowns and more.
It is a funny meaningful story about the circus world created in partnership with Mindfularts.
Ideal for Birthday parties.
Appropriate age group: 3 to 10 years


Duration: 1 hour
Includes: Kids prizes + games


Sip & Paint With Mister Bunny

This Fun art experience is a chance to express yourself and have fun. While enjoying a magic ice tea that changes colour or wine (adults), you will develop some painting skills by letting your creativity guide you on the canvas, it's an experience for any age group! In Partnership with Viejeira Libre.

Duration: 2 hour
Suits 10 People, any additional People: $30 additional per head.

$ 495


Face Painting Games 

Imagine a fairy arriving at your kids party, then she paints all the little kids faces, plays games and teaches them how to make bubbles using the hands.
With a bit of magic her dress changes from navy blue to a rainbow gawn dress!
Isn't it magic?

Duration: 2 hours
Includes Face Painting + Games + Hand Bubble Making Activity.


Performances for events

A Tailored Performance For You

Do you have an idea? 
or perhaps you would like me to come up with a performance just for your special party? 

Let's make it become true!


Skills &

Rafaella Masquetti is a passionate actress and gymnast, Bacharel in Physical Education and Dramatic Arts, with 20 years of experience coaching gymnastics for many age groups and 15 years in the arts & entertainment industry. Her acting career started in 2008 when she ingresses "The Taming of the Shrew' Shakespeare Drama Show, working for one of the oldest Brazilian Drama Companies (Teatro do Ornitorrinco). This experience leaded her to CIA K. Circus, where she performed and developed many circus skills. In 2018 Rafaella joined the Channel Seven Television (Australia) as a double for the 'Home and Away" Soap Opera while performing at 'The Enchanted Garden"  Dinner Play for "Le Petit Bateau Company in Sydney,  moving to Byron Region in 2021 and performing for Ascension Byron Bay at "The Shield Maidens' Spectacular, she also coached circus and gymnastics for kids and adults for several companies in Australia.

Performances for events


Performances for events

Gabriella Amaya
Arts and Crafts Drawing and Painting Teacher.
Get to know more about her work @Viajeralibre on Instagram.

Performances for events

Tatiane Fernandes
Yoga Instructor, Dancer and Masseuse. Get to know more about her work @mindfull_arts_ on Instagram.



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